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Dec 2004 Lesbianism through divine revelation - religion, spirituality and sexuality Rel, Hom
Dec 2004 Religion in public debate - my rebuttal to Thio Li-Ann's article in the Straits Times complaining that "radical secularism" is gagging religious views Pol, Soc, Rel
Dec 2004 Altruism in the absence of heaven - dolphins save humans from sharks and make us look stupid as well Rel, Kno, Hum
Dec 2004 Snowball crushed - the police banned a gay Christmas party, and signaled a broader ban on all gay events Pol, Hom
Dec 2004 Don't spread falsehoods, I said to the editor - holding editors responsible should they disseminate dangerous lies Med, Kno, Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004 Condoms only 85 percent effective - not true! - the Christian fundamentalists are trying to scare people away from condom use, by being careless with facts Kno, Oth [HIV]
Dec 2004 Reading from offal - what our aversion to viscera in our food tells us Soc, Per
Dec 2004 Oh joy! a dustbin at last - how we're inconvenienced by the threat of terrorism, or not Pol
Nov 2004 Singapore near bottom of press freedom index - the minister dismissed the ranking, the Straits Times validated it Pol, Med
Nov 2004 Islam in Malaysia: the modern, the foreign and the traditional - musings from 3 brief encounters Rel
Nov 2004 Wanbao's 5-part report on gay saunas and bars - this sensationalist Chinese newspaper tries to boost its sales Med, Hom
Nov 2004 It's my birthday, spend money on me - and why it is rude Per
Nov 2004 Let's beat AIDS, without talking about sex - so suggests the minister. Pol, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Minister warns of AIDS epidemic, and my comments - new HIV cases among gay men have risen sharply Pol, Hom, Oth [HIV]
Nov 2004 Adjusting to a rising China - it's happening now, but what kind of China will we face? Pol
Nov 2004 Gambling on the Singapore model - the paralysis over the casino idea shows up our social and political weaknesses Pol, Soc
Nov 2004 Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore - the minister said so in Parliament Soc
Nov 2004 Southern Thailand: witnessing beginnings - are we seeing the start of a major insurgency? Pol
Nov 2004 The banished booth - pink dollars welcome, safe sex no Pol, Med, Hom
Jul 2004 Film censorship: 'Formula 17' banned - because it didn't depict anything bad about gay life Pol, Med
Apr 2004 A black day for justice - the chief justice was re-appointed Pol, Law
Apr 2004 Roundtable group disbands - a political discussion group calls it quits after 10 years Pol
Apr 2004 When intellectualising about homosexuality gets too hard, just sell snake oil - the Catholic Church distributes a flyer Rel, Hom
Apr 2004 What's so subversive about People Like Us? - a commentary I wrote for Today newspaper Pol, Hom
Apr 2004 Registrar of Societies should ban Inter-Racial Confidence Circles - since IRCCs go against the mainstream values of Singaporeans Pol, 
Apr 2004 Broad gay acceptance no longer unimaginable - big shifts in US and UK attitudes, will it happen in Singapore? Pol, Soc, Hom
Apr 2004 Homophobia as a crisis in masculinity - someone unwittingly vocalised his fear of being raped to justify making homosexuality illegal Soc, Hom
Mar 2004 NUSS forum: Legislating sexual behaviour - should the State be in our bedrooms? - my presentation at a forum organised by NUS graduates' society Pol, Soc, Hom, Kno
Mar 2004 Taiwan: the next nuclear flashpoint - the trends don't look good Pol
Mar 2004 Sycophancy: our unique tourist draw - STB thinks bar-top dancing is a crowd-puller, not a joke Pol, Soc
Mar 2004 Win your case and you're a bastard - the logic of sex laws in Singapore Law
Mar 2004 Man wield club, man rape woman - why we can't have gender-neutral language in our laws Pol
Mar 2004 Political correctness meets the fridge - are gay men and lesbians as different as chalk from cheese? Hom, Hum
Mar 2004 Question to politicians: what if your own son or daughter is gay? - your public positions cannot be personally impossible Pol
Mar 2004 The administrative Prime Minister - a subjective review of Goh Chok Tong's 14 years in office Pol
Mar 2004 Singapore needs to think about gay marriage now - or we'll lose out economically Pol, Hom
Mar 2004 Another gay forum banned - PELU refuses permits for the "Lovers' Lecture Series" Pol, Hom
Mar 2004 Missing the boat - dogma, from stem cells to kidney donation to Vietnamese boat people Pol, Soc, Rel, Kno
Mar 2004 Manazine manacled - the government clamps down on a tastefully homo-erotic magazine Pol, Med, Hom
Feb 2004 The usefulness of bird flu - some enterprising people seize any opportunity they can find Soc, Hum
Feb 2004 Is Singapore ready for a global future? - our politics and our culture are handicaps Pol, Soc
Feb 2004 Activist judges and the coming of the mongrels - and more of God's natural order turned upside down Law, Soc
Feb 2004 Porn, panic and pandemonium - a teenage schoolboy was caught with porn VCDs by his teacher Soc
Feb 2004 Here's hoping Today doesn't become yesterday - 'Today' newspaper got a ferocious dressing down from Lee Kuan Yew Pol, Med
Feb 2004 Far out from the in-crowd - musings from an article in the New Scientist about social selection in reproduction Soc, Hom
Jan 2004 Is it true that consensual homosex is no longer prosecuted? - but this 40-year-old guy was charged for being bottom to a 17-year-old Law, Soc
Jan 2004 Adding value - Sociology Professor Chua Beng Huat said, "He should just go." "He" was Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew Pol
Jan 2004 Don't turn the doorknob - an adult son saw his mother giving a blowjob to his great-uncle Law
Jan 2004 Oral sex: more letters in 'Today' - including my rebuttal which they didn't publish Med, Hom
Jan 2004 Oral sex: letter in Lianhe Zaobao - pointing out that decriminalising only heterosexual oral sex sends the wrong signals. Med, Hom
Jan 2004 The map's tale - sodomy laws and the British Empire Law, Soc, Hom, Kno
Jan 2004 Oral sex: how 'Today' edited my letter - I argued that the government was incoherent, but the editors of TODAY substantially reduced the punch in my letter. Med, Hom
Jan 2004 The blowjob that blew down the oral sex law - well not quite, as we shall see Law, Soc
Jan 2004 The Steve Chia case: an ordinary bloke - we are fools to think that just because someone has an unusual hobby, even an erotic one, he is unfit for politics.  Pol, Soc
Jan 2004 20th century China: the rise and fall of state homophobia - modern homophobia in China had quite unique origins related to its political upheavals Pol, Soc, Hom
Jan 2004 'Asian' means we have to live with hypocrisy and paralysis - asked if there was a reluctance to really open up and embrace change, the Deputy Prime Minister said we're an Asian society. Huh? Pol, Hom








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